Climbing and Biking and Hiking…Oh My!

Scott’s brother, Matt, and our nephew, Jacob, are here visiting from Michigan for a long weekend.  Scott has definitely kept them busy with all sorts of Colorado activities.  Their first night here we took them to a gorgeous spot overlooking Lake Dillon and did some rock climbing.  On Friday we took them to the peninsula for a mountain bike ride and this morning Scott, Paige, Matt and Jacob made it to the summit of Mt. Sniktau (elevation 13, 234 ft).

While they were climbing a mountain (actually coming down in this pic)….



Alice, Mason and I went across the road and hiked to three small lakes.  It was such a gorgeous day and we had so much fun exploring.  The wildflowers were beautiful and the views amazing.







Now the bigger boys (Scott, Matt, Jacob and Sam) are backpacking for the night.  No rest for the weary.

I think that I may have drawn the short straw because I am taking Alice, Paige and Mason to a midnight release party for the new Harry Potter book.  This party is wayyyy past my bedtime!  Right at this moment they are making t-shirts that say….On a scale from 1-10, we love Harry Potter….9 3/4.  They are so creative:)


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