Finishing Up {XC races}

They middle/high school kids have finally finished up their cross-country seasons.  The girls ran their last race last weekend in Salida and Sam finished his season at Regionals in Grand Junction on Thursday.

Alice and Paige had a great last run with Alice finishing 2nd on her team and 22nd overall.  Paige was a little bit farther back in the pack but she had a great, strong season and the most important part is that she had so much fun!  Sam finished well.  He ran all but one varsity race this year, as a freshman, conquering his goal for cross-country.  We are super proud of him.  He is not only juggling xc practice everyday but also advanced classes and the speech and debate team.


Alice getting ready for her last middle school race.


And they are off!  Alice is in the middle with yellow jersey.  Paige is to the right, green jersey, teal shorts.

Sorry, no pics of Sam’s last race.  He was three hours away and we just couldn’t make it this time.




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