Happy Birthday Paigie {13}

Another teenager in the house.  Oh my goodness!  It just doesn’t stop or even slow down.  These kids (who were just babies!) keep getting bigger and older and way cooler!  You won’t hear this from all parents, but we are really enjoying having teenagers.  Of course, they do come with their fair share of eye rolling, door slamming, smack talking and general moodiness but they also have awesome conversations, cook dinner, drive siblings around and help out more than not.


Paige is no exception.  She is sweet and kind (ok, her sister may not agree at the moment) and jumps in to help (almost all the time!) when needed.  She is a bit of a momma’s girl; shy, introverted and slow to warm up to those she doesn’t trust.  She loves her pets.  After school she almost always changes into a fleece onesie (as you will see below).  She loves to run, ride her mountain bike and nordic ski.  She plays percussion in band and would love to learn the ukulele.  Her favorite place is our local bookstore where she can be found after school, sipping on a smoothie and reading a book.

Happy belated birthday to our girl. We adore you, lovebug!




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