It’s been an exciting week up here on the mountain!

Mason and I have been volunteering at the Breck Backstage Theater a bit this week, helping out with costumes for Spamalot. Sam has been working hard, staining a deck. Alice and Paige started working this week. Paige is babysitting and Alice is working for a gardener. Scott is hard at work on real estate stuff and found some time to ride the Monarch Crest trail. Alice and I ran a 6k trail race last night. It was long and hot but we finished well. We both got third in our age groups;)

The most “exciting” thing that happened this week was a wildfire in Silverthorne. It started out right above Wildernest and Mesa Cortina (two huge neighborhoods) and came within 250 feet of homes. It quickly grew to about 100 acres due to hot temps, high winds and a lack of rain. Luckily, the firefighters were on it fast with ground fighting, water and slurry drops. Praise the Lord, evacuation were just lifted this afternoon!

Our view from Frisco.

We are loving this warm weather but are praying for some rain!

Happy summer vacation peeps:)


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