Another Wednesday. Another MTB race.

DSC_1205DSC_1210_edited-1DSC_1212_edited-1DSC_1221DSC_1213DSC_1219It was a fun afternoon at the mountain bike races.  Everyone (but me) raced and everyone finished.  That is a win in my book, for sure!  Mason, on the 4 mile course, came in 4th in a sprint race to the finish.  Alice and Paige both raced on the 11 mile course and came in 5th and 6th (Paige fell a couple of times and her bike malfunctioned).  Sam and Scott both raced the 17 mile course and Scott finished 4th in his division (single speed) and Sam finished 5th (boys 16-18).  Super proud of my gang.  They are amazing!


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