Happy 4th of July!

Another amazing, fun, friend filled day in the books.  It was a busy day but so relaxing at the same time!

Sam got up super early to race the Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge.  He signed up with a partner and did the second 25 mile lap.  This race is brutal with grueling uphills and tight switchbacks and singletrack.  He was thrilled to have beaten his time from last year and not get a flat!

Below, coming into the finish.


Alice taking a break before the Frisco Parade.  This year we got to watch the parade instead of riding on a float.  It was pretty relaxing…but I did miss the fun of creating a float!


I was so busy enjoying our day that I didn’t really take many pictures.  After the parade, the kids sat down in the front yard to split up their candy and Scott and I went downtown to listen to the music.  After a few songs we headed back to Breck to watch Sam’s finish.  Once Sam got home and showered, we went to a friend’s house for a bbq. Due to wildfires all around us, firework shows were cancelled.  We are so dry and just praying for some rain and cooler temps.  Nevertheless, it was such a nice evening hanging out in good company.

Early morning, great day, early night!  Happy Birthday, America!


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