Camping with Friends

This past weekend we took a break from unpacking to have a bit of down time.  We camped at Highland State Park in Fruita.  The weather was perfect for a lake weekend, hot, hot, hot!  The kids lived in their swim suits and got completely water-logged.  They really only took breaks to snack 🙂 We did sneak in a couple of mountain bike rides.  How could we not???  We tried to go early before it got too hot.  It was super fun and we had the trails to ourselves mostly!  The kids always love going with friends.  This was our last hurrah before the start of school.

The kids did take a short break to play a little Bocce ball.


I LOVE that my tent looks like a candy corn….:)


Sunset on the lake…gorgeous.

One of my favorite places and views, the Colorado river.

We are home now and getting back to unpacking. I’m back to work on Wednesday. Feels like summer is winding down…boohooo!


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