Winter Weather {Summer}

Well it’s been snowing on and off for a couple days and we are literally losing our minds! It’s JUNE!!!! Not so patiently waiting on summer to make its debut over here….

This afternoon we took advantage of a lull in the snow/rain/hail and got in a quick hike up the Willowbrook Trail. Everything is so lush and green, very rare for our Colorado mountains.

The big kids left on their mission trip this morning. Here’s to warmer weather in Arizona!

Here is the drive to Breckenridge this morning to drop them off. Just in case you thought I was being dramatic and exaggerating about the snow…

Yesterday was Alice’s 16th bday. The weather pretty much sucked so we didn’t get out for much except breakfast 😂

Her big gift was a trampoline for the yard. She has been asking for a trampoline for a long time and we finally have a yard that holds it.

👆🏻not yesterday!

Anyhoo, just realizing I was going backwards but I’ve got a bit of cabin fever and feeling a little bit cuckoo at the moment.

Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be better…

I found this meme and sent it to Alice…pretty much sums up how we are feeling up here.

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