Quarantini anyone?

I think it’s day 6 of social distancing and we are still all in good spirits over here. Just trying to do our part, stay positive and enjoy our time together. We ordered books a couple days ago and they arrived today. Everybody was excited about their book and found a quiet place in the house. I love seeing my teenagers put down their phones and read. Last night we baked and decorated sugar cookies. Today, Scott, Mason, Paige and I went out for a long XC ski on the peninsula. We did see a couple people but kept our distance. It was a gorgeous snowy day. Getting outside is keeping us sane right now!

We are definitely thinking and praying about the families and people in our community who may be struggling without a job or steady income. We are also thinking about those in our county who are affected by this virus. Just doing our part so that we can go back to life as we know it…


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