Day 34!!!!!!

We are all still here, hanging out at home.

The end.


Not much to update. We are staying pretty busy and trying to get outside everyday. The dog are exhausted from so many walks. We’ve sorted through the crawl space and are now emptying our storage unit. It feels good to be productive! The girls started making masks today. I’m not sure they are necessary for making dinner but who cares if these two are cooking!

We’ve been running a ton. Here are the girls in front of the high school. They really want to go back. Everybody is missing their friends something fierce.

Paige has been perfecting her French macarons. Baking is good…they taste delicious!

Three positives from this week…

1) I joined a new site where I can check in with my roommates from college. It’s been fun to catch up.

2) Spring break! No online teaching or learning this week.

3) I am going to learn to fly fish tomorrow.

Happy Thursday, I think?


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