Halloween 2020

Like everything this year, Halloween was a very different holiday. The kids at school were able to wear their costumes but there were no parties or parades around the building. Our own kids did not go to parties with their friends or trick or treat. We passed out candy to a few brave kids in self serve cups, sitting 6 feet back. It was weird, just like everything else this year, but we are making the best of it! Alice dressed up as Scott and entertained us with her dad impression. Happy Halloween peeps!

October Break in Bozeman

Last weekend we had a long weekend off of school so we hopped on a plane and headed to the much colder and snowier Montana. Man, we were glad we had our puffies and hats. It was so amazing to see Sam after two months apart and enjoy a bit of family time. Only one month to go until he is home for winter break.

Celebrating Samโ€™s 19th birthday
Hyalite Reservoir
Planetarium on MSU campus. Some of these people napped…

Happy end of October!

XC {Steamboat Springs}

Yesterday the girls ran in their last regular season cross country race. it has been a fun season of running for both of them. They were blessed to have a season at all and they didnโ€™t take it for granted! Although they dealt with a ton of changes (masks, waved starts, no team dinners, slower meets) they pushed through! Alice did a great job as the girlโ€™s captain and leader of the team this year. She ran strong all season right until the end. She was battling a cold and cough yesterday but still managed to finish 6th overall, Paige has also had a great season of running. She ran varsity all season and had a blast running and practicing with her team. She joined her team in a third place finish. They did get some good prizes this year including belt buckles and buffs!

The girls will run on Thursday at the regionals meet, which is the only qualifier for State Meet. Fingers crossed for our girls ๐Ÿ™‚

I love watching these kids run ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ!!!

Alice {senior pictures}

Let me just say that two kids back to back was terrible planning. Just as Iโ€™m starting to get used to Sam being away, I start again with another child. Here we go again!

Alice asked me to take her senior pictures. I was honored to take her pictures and very sure she would change her mind once she saw them. Thankfully, they turned out great and she was thrilled. I had an easy subject. Alice has always been super photogenic so it makes it fun to take her picture.


Welp. I think I did a pretty good job blogging during quarantine but I stunk it up over the summer. Summer looked different this year but we spent a ton of time outside and made the most of it! Here are some shots from our 2020 summer.

I spent a fun weekend with Alice, Paige and Mason at Highline State Park in Fruita. It was so hot they only came out of the water to eat.

After celebrating her 17th birthday, our sweet Jessie girl left this earth. It was sad but she had a wonderful life and is no longer in pain.

I spent way too much time on my paddle board. Sally and I paddled 10 miles around the lake one morning, starting at sunrise. It was glorious and exhausting.
We played frisbee golf a couple times. Mason
got really good and I got okay. Scott is still really good at this, which is annoying.
We took Sam to college. I may or may not still be crying over leaving him in Bozeman. Man, parenting really is hard. Good news is he did in fact graduate from high school.
We hiked to my favorite spot and took family pictures.
I summited Ptarmigan and didnโ€™t have a panic attack.
These three started school (two days a week). Itโ€™s our new normal;)

2020 has definitely pushed us out of our comfort zones but we are making it work and finding the silver lining which is more time together. As the kids get bigger, time seems to go faster and I love every minute I get with these kiddos.

Itโ€™s Summer!

We are officially on summer vacation and it couldn’t feel better! After quarantine, online teaching and learning, we are all loving the warm sun and less responsibility (well, except for Scott ๐Ÿ˜‰)!!!!!! What a wild and crazy spring we had. 2020 sure is throwing us for a loop but we are making the best of it and hopefully getting stronger.

Because the end of the school year was so different and chaotic, I didn’t get a chance to give an update on Sam’s graduation from high school. What a bummer way to go out but he was strong and went with it. Our high school and overall community was amazing and did their best for the 2020 graduates. There was a parade, an adopt a senior program, yard signs placed and a drive-in movie to watch graduation. Although they would have preferred a normal graduation, the seniors did feel pretty special and are moving on to new things.

Here are a few pictures from graduation week!

Now on to Montana State in the fall. Sam has been texting with his roommate and picked out classes. Go Bobcats!

Fishing {Quarantine Day 3072}

Full disclosure. It’s been a tough couple weeks for the Summit County community and we are having a hard time staying positive around here.  We are all emotionally drained and overwhelmed. We are trying though!!!  Scott taught me how to fly fish and I have been enjoying that new activity.   Tonight, Scott and Alice joined me for a quick trip to fish the Blue River.  I really just needed to clear my head and get some fresh air.  It was a gorgeous day here and it was wonderful to get out and enjoy it.

 Stay healthy and safe friends,


Day 34!!!!!!

We are all still here, hanging out at home.

The end.


Not much to update. We are staying pretty busy and trying to get outside everyday. The dog are exhausted from so many walks. We’ve sorted through the crawl space and are now emptying our storage unit. It feels good to be productive! The girls started making masks today. I’m not sure they are necessary for making dinner but who cares if these two are cooking!

We’ve been running a ton. Here are the girls in front of the high school. They really want to go back. Everybody is missing their friends something fierce.

Paige has been perfecting her French macarons. Baking is good…they taste delicious!

Three positives from this week…

1) I joined a new site where I can check in with my roommates from college. It’s been fun to catch up.

2) Spring break! No online teaching or learning this week.

3) I am going to learn to fly fish tomorrow.

Happy Thursday, I think?


Quarantine day 21

Here we are, still online learning and teaching. We are all healthy and trying our hardest to stay positive. While Scott and I have only left the house to go to the store or post office, we just realized that aside from outdoor activity, our children have not left home. They are grieving the loss of end of year activities and events like the musical, prom and awards nights. Sam learned yesterday that graduation has been canceled. The school is hoping for a virtual version but losing this rite of passage was a tough pill to swallow. Now he is looking forward to college! Here are a few pictures in the daily life with four quaranteens and an antsy husband ๐Ÿ™‚

One more fun family activity that got 6 thumbs up over here…


I brought home white boards from school and we downloaded the game on my phone. Lots of laughs and yelling!

Just so you don’t think we are always sitting around hugging and singing songs, sometimes our day end like this….

Margaritas for mom and dad.

Happy Friday!