Year in Review {2019}

While it’s always fun to look ahead to the new year, I always really enjoy reflecting on the past year and all the fun it held. Man, 2019 did not disappoint. Of course, there are always ups and downs, but we sure did have a ton of fun.

One big bummer was that my good camera broke right around the first of the year so all my pics will be from my phone. I made due but I missed taking “real” pictures:)

Here are a few favorites from each month of 2019.













Here’s to another exciting year for the Wescotts. We are looking forward to graduation, college, more running, musicals and so much more!

Happy New Year!


Finding Our Tree…

Every (well, almost every) year we hike out into the woods and find our Christmas tree.  I think that we counted 4 or 5 holidays that we did buy a tree on a farm or elsewhere.  Mostly we love to go out and run around the woods, arguing about which tree might be the one.  While our Whole Foods tree was probably the prettiest, the trees that we pick out of the woods always have the most character and hold the best memories.  This morning, we braved the cold and extreme wind and snow to find our 2019 Christmas tree.

DSC_2258DSC_2264DSC_2268DSC_2281_edited-1DSC_2283DSC_2286DSC_2289_edited-1DSC_2290_edited-1DSC_2295mom and kids xmas tree

Running Buddies

I don’t often post about myself but I have to give a little shout out to my running girls. These woman and I have been running together on and off for 5+ years. I have taken some time off from the early mornings but we do occasionally brave the early morning cold and snow. We mostly run at 5:30 am and pretend to keep each other safe from wild animals that we imagine hiding in the trees. Over the years we have become great friends. One of our girls is moving to Hawaii so we had a going away run for her last week. It was exactly what I needed! We wore leis and laughed the whole three miles.

Trail Running

The summer trail series ended tonight with the last race. Alice and Sam both ran and raced really well. This series overlaps with their high school XC season so they are doing double right now. It was so fun to see them run. I am always unbelievably proud of them no matter what.

***Paige usually runs but was sore from practice this morning. Proud of her too:) And mason too but he hates running;)

Having teenagers is so much fun!

Summer’s End

As we approach the end of summer I start to think about all the fun we had and the great memories made. Tomorrow I go back to school and the kids go back next week. It’s time. They get antsy and bored and I get tired of extra dishes in the sink and dirty socks stuffed everywhere.

This is Sam’s last summer as a high schooler and that is giving me all the feels. He’s officially a senior! It’s been so fast but so amazing. Looking forward to all the “lasts” with him and tying to slow every day down and just savor it.

Happy end of summer vacation peeps. It’s been real fun. Here are a few shots that had to be posted;)

Just be clear….the summer weather is not ending…just the vacation!

Senior pictures, camping, backyard silliness, riding, running, racing, friends, family, vacations and just being together adds up to a whole lot of fun 😀

Eccles Pass {backpacking}

It’s been on our bucket list forever and we finally did. We hiked up to and camped on Eccles Pass. It is one of my most favorite places in Colorado. The views are spectacular and it looks like a scene out of a movie. It was a tough 8 mile hike up from our house but it was so worth it!

Now we are enjoying the warmth of the desert in Fruita. The kids are looking forward to swimming in Highline Lake and having a relaxing day.

Love this summer life!


Summer Vacation {Michigan}

We are just getting things put away from our weeklong trip to Michigan. We hadn’t been back to Michigan for a few years so we decided this was the summer to go. It was a great week spent with friends and family.  Many thanks to everyone who housed us, fed us and showed up even when it wasn’t ideal!  What a wonderful week!!!!

Masonator {12}

Happy belated birthday to our youngest, Mason. His birthday fell on a Sunday so he and Scott got out for a long mountain bike ride. His big present this year was a new bike. He has grown about five feet this year (really only a couple inches!) and he had outgrown his old bike. In the afternoon, we went to see Aladdin. I think he had a great day!!! Happy birthday to our sweet, super helpful kid. We love you buddy!!!!!

Winter Weather {Summer}

Well it’s been snowing on and off for a couple days and we are literally losing our minds! It’s JUNE!!!! Not so patiently waiting on summer to make its debut over here….

This afternoon we took advantage of a lull in the snow/rain/hail and got in a quick hike up the Willowbrook Trail. Everything is so lush and green, very rare for our Colorado mountains.

The big kids left on their mission trip this morning. Here’s to warmer weather in Arizona!

Here is the drive to Breckenridge this morning to drop them off. Just in case you thought I was being dramatic and exaggerating about the snow…

Yesterday was Alice’s 16th bday. The weather pretty much sucked so we didn’t get out for much except breakfast 😂

Her big gift was a trampoline for the yard. She has been asking for a trampoline for a long time and we finally have a yard that holds it.

👆🏻not yesterday!

Anyhoo, just realizing I was going backwards but I’ve got a bit of cabin fever and feeling a little bit cuckoo at the moment.

Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be better…

I found this meme and sent it to Alice…pretty much sums up how we are feeling up here.