This morning, I left Scott and the kids to fend for themselves and I went over to Garden of the Gods for a 5 mile race with my friend Kim. If you aren’t from Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is a wonderfully magical open space park at the base of Pike’s Peak. Sandstone formation line the park and it is breathtaking no matter the day/time/weather. I think that it is my favorite place to visit so close to home. It was a bit chilly but overall a beautiful morning in the Garden. We finally finished the race 48 minutes later after huffing and puffing up and down, but mostly up, the hills of the park. Wow, what a way to start the day! Enjoy the pics. No, it wasn’t snowing but I love the picture so I added it anyway.

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  1. Hey speed racer!! You did great today. I was feeling very guilty from the comfort of my bed this morning, but it was so cold….I love the blog!! Yeah, I have another blogging friend!!

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