Congrats Sam!

Sam lost his tooth! If you haven’t seen him lately, his top front tooth seemed to have been dangling for weeks! Everyone from grandpa to the grocery store clerk to our pastor offered to pull it out but Sam wanted to wait for it to fall out. Thanks to a lot of waiting and a well timed bump on the back of a kitchen chair, his tooth FINALLY flew out. Yes, I did say flew. The tooth fairy made a visit to our house and Sam is one dollar richer.

As you can see from the pictures Sam earned his gold belt in Karate last night. He tested last week and his instructor had to evaluate his test over the weekend. Sam waited very patiently throughout the entire class and in the last minute, he was awarded his belt. He is so excited and so are we! Great work!

2 thoughts on “Congrats Sam!

  1. Congrats Sam! Grandma Peggy and Papa Gary are very proud of you. Congrats on your gold belt and getting your tooth out. Hi to Alice and Paige too! We miss you all and are trying to figure when we can get out there. We will call tomorrow to offer our personal YIPPIES!! Love Papa Gary

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