Is it 5 o’clock yet?

I just called Scott to see when he was coming home and his response was “You know it is only 2:55, right?”. We have had a nice full day of activity and we still have half a day to go! I have learned my lesson and did not put the girls down for naps this afternoon. The last two nights they have not fallen asleep until well after 10 pm. By 10 pm, I am usually curled up on the couch, halfway to dreamdom. Well, I decided that we would push on through nap time and (hopefully) hit a 7 pm bedtime instead of 10 pm. We played on the swing set this morning, met some friends for lunch at Jimmy John’s (sorry about the lettuce explosion), rode bikes in the church parking lot and went to the library to sign up for the summer reading club. I love that we get ALL this time to hang out and do fun stuff together. I will really love it when the temperature gets above 70 degrees and we can go to the pool. We did a drive-by today and there were a few families there. Probably the mothers that had already exhausted all their fun summer ideas! I promised the kids that tomorrow we would definitely hit the pool, no matter the wind speed or air temp. Stay tuned for more updates on pool fun.

One thought on “Is it 5 o’clock yet?

  1. It was a gorgeous pool day, not too busy. We spent 6 hours there today! Jimmy John’s is one of Ben’s accounts, hope you liked it and go back often. What was the lettuce explosion? We leave for Moab Sunday, see you at VBS!

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