A Tale of Two Pools

Well, finally, we made it to the pool. This summer we decided to join a neighborhood pool a couple miles from our house. We are just renting a membership to make sure that we use and enjoy it before we jump in feet first and buy one! The weather has been warm but definitely not hot, so I have been reluctant to go to the pool. I did promise the kids that no matter the weather we would go swimming on Saturday. That way, if it was cold, Scott could get in with them. Ha ha. The weather did cooperate and we had a great time. The smaller kiddie pool was perfect for Alice and Paige and Sam ventured into the bigger pool. The water was still pretty chilly (second hand knowledge from Scott) in the big pool but Sam didn’t seem to mind. He spent most of his time playing with his friend Clare. Paige had a really great time taking her water wings and goggles on and off a million times. Alice is a really great swimmer and I know that she will be swimming circles around all of us in the big pool very soon. I got lucky and sat on the edge of the small pool keeping my eye on Paige. What with water wings and only 2 1/2 feet of water, I doubt there was much to fear! It was a really fun day and we can’t wait to get back. As I mentioned there are two pools, a slide, diving board, playground and beach volleyball court (aka sandbox). Plenty to keep my three busy for the summer!
Today, the kids and I went to church and Scott went out for a quick 4 hour run. He is training for a 50 miler so he likes to go out and get in a really long run on the weekend. This morning he decided to skip church and become one with nature. Run Forrest, Run!
We had beautiful weather again today and the kids played outside for most of the afternoon. I filled up the little pool on the driveway and set up the sprinkler in the yard. By 6 o’clock we were all wet and hungry. Our yard and driveway looked like a colorful plastic bomb had gone off but man did they have fun… By the time we cleaned up and got around to dinner, all three kids were falling asleep in their pizza. That is the sign of a great weekend. We hope you had a great weekend too!!!

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