Congrats Sam!

Sam lost his tooth! If you haven’t seen him lately, his top front tooth seemed to have been dangling for weeks! Everyone from grandpa to the grocery store clerk to our pastor offered to pull it out but Sam wanted to wait for it to fall out. Thanks to a lot of waiting and a well timed bump on the back of a kitchen chair, his tooth FINALLY flew out. Yes, I did say flew. The tooth fairy made a visit to our house and Sam is one dollar richer.

As you can see from the pictures Sam earned his gold belt in Karate last night. He tested last week and his instructor had to evaluate his test over the weekend. Sam waited very patiently throughout the entire class and in the last minute, he was awarded his belt. He is so excited and so are we! Great work!

This morning, I left Scott and the kids to fend for themselves and I went over to Garden of the Gods for a 5 mile race with my friend Kim. If you aren’t from Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is a wonderfully magical open space park at the base of Pike’s Peak. Sandstone formation line the park and it is breathtaking no matter the day/time/weather. I think that it is my favorite place to visit so close to home. It was a bit chilly but overall a beautiful morning in the Garden. We finally finished the race 48 minutes later after huffing and puffing up and down, but mostly up, the hills of the park. Wow, what a way to start the day! Enjoy the pics. No, it wasn’t snowing but I love the picture so I added it anyway.

You’re an Animal!!

We decided to brave the wind and crowds today to check out the new exhibit at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The Rocky Mountain Wild houses tons of cool animals that live in this part of the country. There were mountain lions, grizzly bears, otters, a bald eagle, a young bull moose, snakes, porcupines, and the list goes on and on…..The new part of the zoo also has a chairlift that takes you to the top of the zoo, opening on May 23rd. I am sure that it will have fabulous views of Colorado Springs. You probably can see all the way to Kansas (aka Powers Blvd.) Thank goodness there was enclosures because the mountain lion and grizzly bear both thought Sam would be a yummy snack. We had a great time visiting the new animals and even stopped by to feed the giraffes on our way out. The zoo is one of our favorite spots in the Springs and in warmer weather we visit very often.