Fun Outside

As I mentioned in my bio, we try to play outside as much as possible. In Colorado that is pretty easy to do. My kids pretty much start climbing the walls if they are inside for too long. I think that is the reason summer has become my favorite season- they can be outside all day long. We also eat outside for most meals in the summer. It just makes sense to me….

Anyway, here are my three very dirty but happy children playing on the Slip n’ Slide. It could also be called by other names at our house….Run next to it n’ accidentally Slip…..Slip n’ Slide n’ Water the dead Grass too…..
We finished the evening yesterday with dinner on the deck (where else?!?). Papa Jerry~ I took the last picture for you. All the kids love corn, but Paige thought it was too yummy. She didn’t like eating it with the holders (that might be too clean) so she took those off and dug in.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Stay tuned for more posts. We have a busy weekend planned!

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