Big Race Day

Just pictures for now…too tired to blog something clever…more weekend and race details to follow. Jen
Update: I am definitely feeling more awake and less sore today. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on at the race and from afar. I feel great about my finish. Since I had never done this race, I was not sure what to expect. We ran 6 miles up from the bottom of Pike’s Peak to the halfway point at Barr Camp and then turned around and ran back down. Scott says that it is about 4000 ft elevation gain. There was a 3 1/2 hour cutoff and I wanted to beat that. I did with a 2:57 finish. We got lucky with the weather and it wasn’t nearly as hot as some of the weekends preceding the race. Boy am I glad that is done. Now on to Scott’s big race next weekend….50 mile trail run…Sam would say this…”Daddy is a little crazy in the hair, he should go to the loopy bin!”.

Our childhood friend, Kent Young, also ran the race. He finished in just over 2 hours. Way to go!

When we got home from the race, she was resting in the shade.
I think she was hungry too because she ate all my flowers.
Oh well, they lasted longer than I had expected anyway.

One thought on “Big Race Day

  1. I saw your results. You totally ROCK!! We have been camping for a week. Happy to be back. We have to chat soon, I want to hear all about the race today!

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