Every once in a while…

My kids like what I cook…or so it seems. Tonight I made chicken nuggets and Sam said “Mommy, these taste way better than McDonald’s!”. The last time that I made them he wondered aloud if I had borrowed the McDonald’s nugget recipe. The recipe comes from Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. You can find the recipe at www.deceptivelydelicious.com. I think there are tons of great recipes in this book. I am not bragging (well, maybe a little) but my kids love veggies so I don’t have to be quite so deceptive. You honestly cannot taste the spinach puree in the nuggets. Yes, I did say spinach.
If you are looking for a great mommy gift, this is a good one. Wow, and I am not even getting paid for this…


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