Scott snapped this photo off the deck one evening this week, double rainbow, beautiful!

Hi all,

Life has been pretty crazy around here. Jesse has run away 5 times this week , so that alone has kept me busy, chasing her around the neighborhood. The kids have found it very amusing, so I am glad that someone is happy :)! Invisible Fence has been here and laid the cable. Hopefully, next week, the cable with be turned on and she will no longer roam free. I am sure the neighbors will be almost as happy as I.

Our friends are still staying with us. The kids love it and are having so much fun with their friends, Ellie and Brendan. They have pretty much lived on the swing set for the last two weeks. I know we will all miss the company next week! Boy, will it be quiet around here! I took these pictures of the kids this afternoon. Once again, they were enjoying the warm morning on the swing set. Alice didn’t feel like having her picture taken (I am taking her temp right now).

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