Busy, Busy, Fun and Teacher Day

End of the summer church pool party. I stayed dry and monitored from my deck chair 🙂

Scott took a break from his ultimate game to play Frisbee with Sam and Alice…..

Since my last post, we have not stopped moving. Our weekend was jam packed with a barbecue, an ultimate Frisbee tournament, pool party, church, etc. After our crazy weekend, I decided to add to the madness with a quick trip to Silverthorne with two of my friends and their kids (9 all together)! We played at the brand new playground in Dillon and got wet in Lake Dillon. We also got very wet at the Silverthorne Rec Center. They have an awesome water slide that I had to drag my kids off. On Tuesday, we drove through Georgetown and stopped at their fabulous play area for more running around and a picnic.

All nine kids in Georgetown. Can you believe that we got them all to stay still for a picture!

Today is Teacher Day. Not really a day that we celebrate teacher’s but instead the day my kids find out who their teachers will be this school year. All summer long, they have looked forward to Teacher Day. Actually, Alice asked us ever day about her teacher. ****Check back for updates on teachers.

Scott and I are looking forward to Muddy Buddy this weekend. We are going up to Boulder on Saturday afternoon and staying until after the race on Sunday. My parents are watching the kids overnight so that Scott and I can have a day to ourselves. Thanks Mom and Dad! Muddy Buddy is a running/biking race with obstacle courses thrown in the middle. At the end of the race, buddies have to army crawl through a mud pit together to finish. Yeah!!!

Today, sadly, I am going to be doing laundry and getting my house back in order from all our fun….That doesn’t really sound fun…. maybe we will go the pool 🙂

I hope you have a laundry-free day! Go out and have a little fun!


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