Good Clean Fun in the Mud!

Scott and I had a blast competing in the Muddy Buddy race this morning in Boulder. I guess that I should go back and mention that we dropped off the kids at my parents on Saturday afternoon for about 24 hours of freedom. We were really looking forward to some adult time together so we headed to Boulder to meet up with two other couples who miraculously found overnight accommodations for their children as well. We were all excited to get muddy and have lots of fun. Oh, we did!

If you have never traveled to Colorado, you may not know that the weather here rocks most of the time. We love waking to blue skies and warm temps. It has been raining steady since Friday morning. Normally, we get the occasional storm that comes and goes very quickly and then the sun is back out and all is well. We haven’t really seen the sun since, well….Friday morning. All this rain made the race course super muddy. I know what you are thinking. Isn’t this called the Muddy Buddy? Yes, but it is not called the So Muddy that Your Bike Won’t Move and You Lose Your Shoes race. Due to the 4 inches of mud everywhere (ground, bike, feet,etc.), my chain fell off twice and Scott ended up carrying the bike for my first leg. Thanks!!! We laughed a lot and had tons of fun. I especially enjoyed the obstacle courses and mud pit at the end. Believe it our not, this picture was taken after we had been hosed down.

Thanks Doug and Kristin and Drew and Kim. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back next year. Maybe the course won’t be quite so slippery!

If you are interested, you can go to and check out the video under general info. We aren’t in it, but it definitely gives you a good view of race fun.

Have a great Monday. Back to school for us! Yeah!!!!


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