A Case of the Sickies

Back to school=sickness at home
My friend Brandie made that comment a couple weeks ago and it is so true. Two weeks ago, Paige came down with a very croupy cough that lasted a couple long days. Alice somehow picked up that germ on Tuesday. She woke up early Tuesday morning with a very similar barky cough and a fever. I kept her home for two days just to make sure that she wasn’t contagious and then sent her back to school today. Very early this morning, Sam woke up vomiting and stayed home from school. We definitely have a case of the sickies. Let’s all pray that Mommy or Daddy stay healthy!!! Yeah right! What are the chances of that?


One thought on “A Case of the Sickies

  1. Yuck! I hope you and Scott stay healthy. Funny side note, Ava sits on my lap sometimes when I am on the computer and she has seen your blog. We were watching the slide show and she said “Mom, is that Alice?” That gave me warm fuzzies to think that our kids sort of “know” each other even though they have never officially met. The same things happens with Summer’s crew : ) Here’s to the internet!

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