The Tooth Fairy Has Arrived

Alice 6 months old

My baby has lost her first tooth. She wiggled and jiggled it until it couldn’t take it any longer. I do love those toothless grins! I miss the days when she was just getting those pearly whites. Many moons ago, I made tooth fairy pillows for my nieces and nephews but never made them for my own kids. Sam enjoys the thrill of placing his tooth under his pillow (much to the tooth fairy’s dismay) and finding a monetary reward in its place. Alice decided that she would like to use my tooth fairy pillow that my mom made me oh so long ago. We hung it on her door and placed the tooth safely inside and by morning the fairy had come and gone and left a dollar in place of the tooth.

Life is really great around here. Everyone is feeling better and I am praying that the sickies are gone for a while. I am slowly taking down my Halloween decorations and getting ready for the next holiday. When your kids go to school, the holidays pretty much get lumped into one big holiday from Halloween to New Year’s.

I am starting to think about my kids Christmas picture. The jammies have worked really well so far because I don’t have to worry about pretty dresses getting wrinkled and shirts coming untucked. There are no socks or shoes to worry about matching. I am not sure what the likelihood is of getting three kids into their jammies for a picture again next year…but I think that I will continue until the resistance gets too strong 🙂

We are trying to decide if we are brave enough (or just plain stupid) to drive to MI the week after Christmas. Still to be decided….

I am hoping to give my blog a little makeover. Does anyone know of a free service that works? Did you notice I said free.

Sorry if this post is all over the place. That pretty much sums up my life 🙂

I hope that you all are having a great week!

Jennifer and fam

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