Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I really meant to post last night, but the couch got the best of me! Yesterday, Scott and I hosted our very first Thanksgiving with my family. 10 years…that is how long it has been that I have gotten away with not cooking turkey dinner for a crowd. Saying that I needed to take a turn would be putting it lightly. In past years, we have either gone to Breckenridge and bought turkey dinner or my wonderful sister-in-law cooks at her house. She makes a terrific Thanksgiving feast and we have all been taking advantage of her goodness. This year it was my turn. I was really excited and totally nervous. What if the turkey made everyone sick (if it did, they haven’t fessed up yet), what if the dressing tasted gross? how would I get all the food to the table and keep it warm? BTW, I haven’t mention yet that I don’t like to touch meat. When I am cooking for my family, I either slide the meat off the styrofoam tray right into the pan or make something veggie. Well….thank God for husbands, especially mine. He touched the turkey. That doesn’t sound good, let me restate. He cleaned, stuffed, and prepared the turkey for cooking. He rocks. He also mashes potatoes. Anyway, it all went as planned. The turkey was cooked and the stuffing tasted okay. Everyone pitched in and my first Thanksgiving was a hit. Thanks to everyone for saying it tasted good! BTW, my food processor may never be the same. One word, giblets. I digress.

Paige and my niece crafting. Thanks to Stacie for bringing crafts to keep the kids busy. They had a blast!

Grandma helping out in the kitchen! She is the original Thanksgiving hostess.


Today, Scott had the day off so we all piled into his truck and headed up to Rampart Range Rd. Last night we had a little snowfall, so the tree and ground were covered with a dusting. It was a beautiful morning to head into the mountains! We drove all the (very bumpy) way to Woodland Park with a couple stops to stretch our legs. Here are some pics of the kids playing on the rocks.

This is a picture of the steam coming off the road as we headed out of town. You can’t tell but the sun was peeking out and warming everything up. Paige’s hand print in the snow. That was the only picture that she wanted taken (as you can see from the above shot).

Sorry my kids look a bit disheveled. Bless their hearts..when they woke to snow they all threw on clothes and brushed teeth and headed downstairs ready to make a snowman. Not quite that much snow 🙂 I absolutely did not forget to brush their hair. Hey- it was our day off!

Tonight, I have been working on Mason’s care package. We had a lot of fun finding things to include. It all had to fit in a shoebox, so that we a fun challenge. We added a warm sweatsuit, camouflage socks (picked my Sam), a camera, hat, blocks, fruit snacks, a ball, two cars and a photo book that included our family pictures.

We have so much to be thankful for this season. Only God knows what life will bring and we are thrilled and excited to see all that He has planned for us! Please continue to keep Mason in your prayers as we wait to travel to bring him home.

Enjoy the weekend,


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