Since my last post, we have been way too busy and I think that it has gotten the best of us. Scott and I have come down with nasty colds. Today is the first day, all week, that I have felt like my head wasn’t in a cloud. Scott traveled to Dallas on Wed. and Thursday for a meeting and I have been trying to get organized for Christmas. It seems like I have so many open ended commitments right now that need to be finished before Christmas. Every time I leave the house for a meeting, Scott reminds me to sit on my hands when volunteers are being summoned. I am starting to believe that that is great advice. Christmas programs and winter school parties, shopping and baking, Oh my! Okay, I have to admit, I don’t bake, but it did sound good.

Yesterday, Scott and I headed to Greeley to speak to a foot and ankle specialist regarding Mason’s feet. When I woke to falling snow, I began to doubt whether or not we would be going but Scott thought we should try so we headed up north, hoping that the snow showers would stop. (He is much braver than I) The trip wasn’t horrible; we just had to go slow and really watch the road conditions. The temp was only in the teens so the snow wasn’t melting, just turning into ice. It took us 2 hours to get there and 4 to get back. 2 words…Denver traffic. We had to go straight through Denver at rush hour and with poor driving conditions, the trip home seemed endless. Anyway, we made it home, full of valuable info and happy to have met the doctor that will be treating Mason. My only hope is that we have a warm, dry spring as I will be taking him back and forth between Greeley every 7-10 days during casting.

I am trying to lay low today because we have a busy weekend ahead of us. Scott wasn’t so lucky. He is at work crunching numbers with no clear end in sight. Unfortunately, he is a day behind me with his cold and wasn’t feeling any better this morning.

Off to address Christmas cards. Maybe this sounds better….shopping and Christmas cards! Oh my!

Have a great weekend. Stay warm.

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