Happy Birthday, ReMOMsil

That was the title on the front of Alice’s birthday card to me. On the inside was a cute picture of me with long flowing blue hair. Rapunzel, I am not 🙂
Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I loved all of them!
Thank you to Scott for the strawberry on strawberry cake with less than 34 candles. I absolutely did not finish off that cake this morning for breakfast…. That would be gross.

Life here is good. Scott and I are finally getting over our colds and our busy weekend.
Friday night we stopped off at Kent and Vic’s for Kent’s birthday happy hour/ dance party/ etc.. We then headed to my brother’s house for dinner to celebrate mom’s birthday. Stacie made a yummy dinner and dessert.
Saturday, we dropped the kids at the church for a parent shopping day. I am sure that they had so much more fun than the parents. They crafted, ate lunch, sang…! Saturday night we got a sitter and went to Scott’s work party. It was very nice but because we were still feeling under the weather we bugged out early.
Sunday, Scott worked and I spent most of the morning at church. In the afternoon, Scott, Sam and Alice went out to find me a Christmas tree. Let me start out by saying, I love going out into nature to find our tree every year. It is always an experience that causes tons of laughter and fun, but takes LOTS of time and energy. Anyway, with everything going on this year, I really didn’t want to add to the stress by hiking through the mountains (with three kids) looking for the perfect tree. This perfect tree usually looks beautiful out on the side of a mountain but really big, I mean really really big and sparse in our living room. As fun as that can be (with three kids), I needed to forgo the experience this year. They brought home a lovely tree from the lot, full and just the right size for our home, without the much needed trimmings of years past. I am sure that next year, we will be craving our usual Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We will pack up our FOUR kids in to the Cruiser and head into the forest in search of our tree and have tons of fun along the way. Isn’t that what it is really about anyway? (I do sort of feel like we cheated on our tree this year with a fuller greener trimmed version).

Sam, Alice and Paige taking turns helping Scott cut off the bottom of the tree.

Sunday night, we had dinner here with the Young’s. I didn’t feel up to going out so we ordered Chinese food and let the kids play. Fun was had by all.
Thanks to Kim today, for the yummy lunch and good conversation! I always enjoy our mom lunches (even if Paige is there).

A picture of our beautiful tree taken by Alice

My sweet girls

Love to you all!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, ReMOMsil

  1. To make you feel better about that “from the tree lot” Christmas tree, we could switch with you. Really, no, I WOULD do that for YOU! You see, we always get a (perfect) tree from the Air Academy Band lot and this year, we didnt preorder and they didnt order extra trees.So we went to a tree farm and cut down our own, actually I think we cut down your tree and you purchased ours. Ready to switch?

  2. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY REMOMSIL!!!!! Again, way cute photos and stories : ) BTW, don’t feel too bad… We sort of umm.. (gasp) put up a fake tree this year! I know, I know, I too love the “trek out to cut down your own Christmas tree” tradition but umm Southern California is sort of lacking in pine tree farms. Anyway, I bought one of those pine tree diffusers to make myself feel better. Sort of pathetic…

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