Real Men Girls Wear Red Velvet
The Wescott girls anyway! There really doesn’t seem to be a time when red velvet isn’t appropriate. In the month of December my girls have chosen to wear their hand-me down red velvet Christmas dresses as much as possible. Check out Paige and Alice wearing their velvet to decorate the gingerbread house.
Wrestling with Daddy….yes, that is Scott on the bottom of the dog pile.


This weekend was pretty much dedicated to the Christmas Program at church. We had our practice on Saturday morning and then the program on Sunday. All the kids did awesome and looked adorable in their costumes. Alice was an angel and Sam was a shepherd. Paige was in the choir with the other kiddos her age. She had a bit of stage fright and ended up on a volunteer’s lap. Oh well, maybe next year. All together we had 38 children participate in the program. I think that might be the most children that we have ever had!! Wow! Next year, I am going to take a break and sit back and watch 🙂 My husband says “yeah, right!”.

Sam and his best friend Ellie as shepherds.

Our little angel.

Sunday afternoon we attended the Colorado Werschky Christmas Party. We had good food to snack on and great company! We always have fun with the white elephant gift exchange. Here are some more pics of the kids. Note-girls in red dresses. It is a Christmas party after all!!!

By the end of the weekend, we were all exhausted…

Here is Paige, asleep on the bathroom floor. She was too tired to get on the potty….

Have a great week! 10 more days until Christmas! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


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