Sam got this super cool sled for Christmas from Santa. The only problem was that on Christmas it was 55 degrees and sunny, not a lick of snow anywhere. The day was beautiful and while the kids were opening presents we had the back door propped open and man were we enjoying the beautiful weather. Well, we left for Michigan for a week and that sled stayed under the tree. When we returned home on Saturday the weather still looked nice although we could see the storm clouds looming over the mountains. By mid afternoon the flakes started to fall and they didn’t stop until Sunday evening. We got about a foot of snow! It was so pretty around here. I really love all the weather in Colorado, sunny, snowy. So…I bet you can guess what we did. Sledding!!! Wow, I was just tired from getting all three kids is winter wear. We all had a ton of fun and left cold and happy.

Okay….maybe not windy. While we were gone, CS had a bad wind storm and our playground (that is what the kids call it) blew over, broke up and landed half in the ravine. Here is the damage.


Have a awesome day!!!

Today I am pondering paint colors for Mason’s room. Wish me luck!


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