Getting ready

We sort of feel like we have been in motion since receiving our LOA. I am making lists and checking them off. This weekend we worked on Mason’s room. We moved the entertainment center out of his room and repositioned the guest bed so that it is out of the way. Scott and the kids put together the crib and I started getting clothes in the dresser. It is so exciting and REAL when you start folding those little t-shirts and mini cargo pants. I will post pictures of his room when it is finished.

Everybody got a turn, screwing together parts of the crib. It is so fun for them to have a part in all that we are doing to get ready to bring Mason home.

This afternoon, after church, we took the kids to Build a Bear and they made a bear for Mason. They picked a soft panda bear. It was so sweet to see them kiss three little hearts and put them in the bear. They stuffed it and gave it a “bath” and then brushed his fur so that it was fluffed up. Then they worked together and picked out a Rockies t-shirt and pair of jeans to fit the bear. We all had fun and I know that Mason will love his new bear. Scott and I are planning on taking it with us when we travel.

The kids went back to school last week on Wednesday. It feels good to get back on a routine. Sam was thrilled to go back to karate and Alice and Paige both missed ballet. They have been living in ballet dress up since we have been home. Grandma Peggy~ Paige loves her ballet bag and packed it full of tutus and extra leotards for ballet class last week.


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