Pretty in Pink

Today Paige and I went to Target and she got to pick out a brand new leotard for ballet class. My sweet baby daughter has a fear of all things new or out of mama’s sight. Ballet is one of those activities. She loves the idea of ballet but does not enjoy it unless I am standing right next to her. I made a conscious decision a few weeks ago to bribe her with a leotard of her choice(did I say bribe, I meant reward). She has to earn 10 heart stickers to get a new leotard. To get a sticker, she has to go into class without crying or throwing a tantrum. She can earn another sticker by participating throughout the whole class. Ballet has been so much more enjoyable since the rewards (stickers) have started. I usually remind her in the car about our little deal and she now skips right into class and has a blast. Funny what a few stickers and a little leotard dangling can do…..

Anyway, here she is modeling our new purchase.
Isn’t she sweet?!?!?!?

Look mama, I can take your picture too!

If you are laughing because you have just realized that my 3 year old pixie has just duped me into buying her a new leotard, you are totally correct. I fully realize that she has me totally figured out but if it keeps the water works at bay, keep the stickers and leotards comin‘.

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. how cute! I think it’s a good idea, the rewards – now that she knows she can do class without you, maybe she’ll not be teary, because – certainly – it’s work for her, too! 🙂

  2. Another style option you have is what kind of back you want on your < HREF="" REL="nofollow">leotards<>. The classic tank top style is popular but you can also have a sloped or t-back. All of these styles are appropriate for either practice or show time. When choosing back style, you simply want to pick one that you like and feels comfortable.

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