Friday in Xinxiang

Today we made the trip north to Mason’s orphanage, the place where he spent 19 months of his life. The orphanage directors welcomed us with hot tea and clementines. They gave us a bit of info about the orphanage. There are over 100 children living in the Xinxiang SWI ranging in age from newborn to 18 years old. We met some of the children in the special needs part of the orphanage. Scott had fun passing out mini m n’ m’s to the older children. We also got to see where Mason slept and spent much of his time. Gracie’s Room is the room right next to where Mason slept. This room is sponsored by CCAI (our agency) and funded through donations. (Check it out here In this room, some of children get extra time with nannies, more help with development, time out of their cribs. We are blessed that Mason was one of those children who spent time in Gracie’s Room. We also got to meet Mason’s best friend while at the orphanage. We fell in love with him instantly and are so excited that his forever family will come and adopt him next month. It was so hard to see the children still waiting to be adopted. They are all sooo sweet and just want to be loved.

Mason’s crib

After visiting, the orphanage directors took us out to lunch. We ate at a delicious restaurant and tasted many of the popular dishes of Xinxiang.

Much love to you all! Tomorrow morning we fly to Guangzhou and will remain there for the rest of our trip. We are really looking forward to getting home and kissing our other three babies!


Scott, Jennifer and Mason

One thought on “Friday in Xinxiang

  1. What a blessing to be able to see & meet those closest to your son until now. I have chills just reading about it & seeing Mason's crib. Never again, little boy!!

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