Hello Guangzhou

We have finally arrived in Guangzhou and we are feeling refreshed. It was wonderful to see the province where Mason was from but we were really starting to feel a bit of cabin fever. We were sort of stuck in the room because the weather wasn’t great for walking and sightseeing. Our hotel in Guangzhou sits on Shamian Island and it is really beautiful. We met the rest of our travel group tonight for dinner and we actually ate OUTSIDE! It was a gorgeous night and we enjoyed ourselves 🙂

Mason seems to be doing better everyday. We are definitely seeing his personality and wow! can he throw a temper. Right now he pretty much swings from happy to mad without a lot in between. He has figured out what the camera does and likes to ham it up whenever I pick it up. Here are some cute pictures from dinner. He was really interested in the leaves and flower petals all over the ground.

Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Hello Guangzhou

  1. I am so glad that Mason is comfortable enough with you to show his “face” as I call it!! I think the nanny left our hotel room and it was all of 3.5 seconds before Mya threw her first fit.. Ahh, toddler bliss!!!! Glad to see you are enjoying Guangzhou! Happy shopping!!!!

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