Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. All the kids in our travel group were in a funk and the mamas and babas were wiped by the end of the day. Yesterday in the morning, Scott had to finish some paperwork for the US Consulate, so I took Mason to the playroom for about an hour. He enjoys walking, holding my fingers, constantly. The playroom at the White Swan is really nice and perfect for little people. Mason also enjoys the fish ponds all around the lobby. These coy fish are so big, they could probably swallow him up!

Today we went on a tour of a Buddhist temple and then shopping. Mason did pretty well but was getting tired and very mad by the end. He finally fell asleep just as were boarding the bus to come back to the hotel. We had a quick lunch (Subway) and then headed to the Medical Exam. None of us enjoyed that part of our day, especially Mason. He doesn’t like to take his clothes off so it was very traumatic for him. If we put his coat on him in the morning, we can plan to leave it on him until bedtime. Getting pj’s on has not been a pleasant experience yet 🙂 Scott refers to it as poltergeist. The boys have headed out to drop off our laundry and borrow a stroller from a local shop. All the shops around the hotel invite you to borrow a stroller while you are here. I have been carrying Mason in the sling and that has worked well but today we tried one out and he sat in it for a while without fussing. Saves my back a bit and that way I can take MORE pictures 🙂

I think we will order pizza tonight and have a picnic with our travel companions. Dinner in=happy mommy. Eating out is fun but not for every meal, although I am going to miss the all you can eat breakfast buffet.

I hope you all had a great weekend. We are finishing out our Monday here. Love to you all!

Jennifer, Scott and Mason

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  1. My arms were noodles by the time we hit GZ and the sight of that stroller was surely sent from God Himself! I am glad that Mason would let you put him in it!!

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