Paige Turns 4!!!!

Our sweet baby Paige turned four on Friday. I can’t believe it and I still tear up when I think about it! It seemed like only yesterday that Scott and I were walking, and walking and walking…thinking she might never enter this world. You see, she liked my belly way too much. 10 days after my due date, Paige Abigail Wescott entered the world at 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

This year, she wanted an Ariel party (The Little Mermaid). Scott, Mason and I were traveling home on her birthday, the 6th, so we decided to push it to Sunday and have a small family party at home.

Paige and her “Big” Barbie hangin’ out and chatting under the foyer table. Paige loves her dolls and spends lots of time talking to them. It is very sweet. If the house is quiet, I can bet she is playing with her babies in her room.

Happy Birthday, Our Angel Baby! Love, Momma, Daddy, Sam, Alice and Mason


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