Post or Sleep

Before traveling to China, I used to stalk the blogs of those parents who were traveling before me. I loved hearing about their preparations and adventures, travel plans and adoption happenings. I would also get very irritated when those new parents and diligent posters started missing days, even weeks of posts. Now I understand. Once you arrive home, life becomes so much busier than we imagine it will be. Last night, I sat and stared at my computer and debated, sleep or post, sleep or post. Sleep wins out every time! Anyway, I decided to start this post and try and finish it by the end of day. That is a good goal. What do you think? Another good goal for today…..vacuuming 🙂

Well, finally I am back at my computer and it is 6:11 pm. Almost time for baths. Today was a pretty good day. Scott went back to work after a month off and I had my first day with FOUR kids. We played outside most of the day since the weather rocked! I love Colorado….

Mason really enjoyed being outside and only fussed when I sat him on the crunchy grass. He picked his feet up and refused to put them down. Paige seems to be taking to Mason and had a fun time playing with him.

Here are some cute pictures from this week. As I mentioned, we have been having beautiful weather. We took the kids to the zoo on Sunday. Not sure what Mason thought of all those huge animals.



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