Tuesday, Mason had his first set of casts put on. He is adjusting really well and having no problem getting around the house. As you can see from below, it hasn’t stopped him from getting into all sorts of things. I was worried that he might not be able to sleep well with the casts but they really haven’t affected him in many of the ways that I would have imagined. I know that I would be complaining wayyyyyyy more than he has if my legs were casted from thigh to toe. We go back to Greeley (2 hour drive) on Monday for the second set of casts. They will soak off the ones he has on, move his feet and recast him. This will go on for 6-10 more weeks. I am going to get good at driving to Greeley! Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels between here and there every week. Tonight we had dinner with our friends Kent and Victoria, their children and Vic’s mom. Kent and Vic are going on a cruise for a week so we wanted to see them before they left. We had a nice dinner and great conversation.

Alice adores Mason and is really a great helper. I have been calling her the little mama. Here she is in her costume glasses. She loves them and wears them everywhere.Don’t you love these two smiles together? My two boys….Piagie, our sweet baby girl. She is still maintaining her baby status. Not so sure about baby but she definitely is super sweet and all girl! Uh-oh….time for the baby proofing. These casts aren’t keeping this little man down. He is crawling and scooting all over the house. I even caught him trying to get himself up the stairs today. He actually made it up 3 steps.

Well, I have almost successfully made it through my first week alone with all the kids. We did pretty good with our schedule and routine and I even managed to drive carpool one day (Scott drove my other day). Now I just have to figure out when to work in running. I did sign up for the Pike’s Peak Ascent (August) so I need to start moving my booty at elevation. Ughh….I get tired just moving this booty up the stairs. Maybe that’s a sign 🙂

Much love,


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