So much to blog, so little time…..

Where to begin…Maybe I should go backwards. That will be confusing.

We have had a great week, packed full and I would love to give you all the play by play but Sam and Alice will be home in 17 minutes and Paige is requesting my help drawing a parrot and Mason is being entertained (at the moment) by a baby Einstein video but could want attention at any moment. We walked in the door half an hour ago from Greeley where Mason got his 5th set of casts. Things are coming along well and the doctor is definitely seeing progress. I took a couple pics of his feet for Scott to see. He doesn’t have the pleasure of driving to Greeley every Monday and was really interested in how Mason’s feet looked. I think they look great, cute enough to kiss 🙂 Now you all get to see them too!

Yesterday, Easter!
We woke to this……..
A snow storm. It was beautiful and made me want to sing “I am dreaming of a white Christmas …” Unfortunately it is EASTER. You know, white shoes and sundresses. It actually snowed most of the weekend, starting on Saturday morning as I was having a relaxing run at Garden of the Gods. Okay, so it wasn’t relaxing but it was beautiful.

The kids looked adorable in their Easter best and we had a wonderful morning at church. I always leave feeling so renewed and full of life and love for God. It was also very helpful that the girls went into the nursery, Sam colored the entire service and Mason was happy crawling back and forth on the empty row of chairs beside us. I actually heard the sermon. Doesn’t happen all that often, let me tell you.
After church, the kids came home and hunted for Easter eggs. They love doing this and even like doing it when the eggs are empty. Sometimes I hide them for Paige and she goes out finding them.

In the afternoon, we went to my brother’s house and Stacie made an awesome dinner. Thanks Stacie, it was delicious! The kids had another fun egg hunt that my parents set up for them. The loot included rings, necklaces, toy cars, stickers, candy, etc.

Saturday (are you confused yet, stopped reading?)

Because it was snowing, our neighborhood egg hunt was postponed. Sam had a birthday party in the afternoon. Pretty quiet. Saturday evening we went downtown to one of our favorite restaurants, Il Vicino, and had pizza. It was such an enjoyable evening, the kids were so good. After dinner, we walked down to Acacia Park, played for a few minutes and then hit Josh and John’s for ice-cream.

Did I get a little bit of ice-cream on my nose?


Sam had collection day at school. All the 1st graders brought in a collection that they had and displayed it for the other students and parents. Totally adorable! Here is Sam and his friends with their collections. Sam brought his car collection. I believe he had 87 cars there.

Okay, so the kids are home and I am being summoned for a snack and attention. What do they think I am? A stay at home mom or something?

See ya!


One thought on “So much to blog, so little time…..

  1. Mary again , I love the car collection, I never had any boys myself , just 4 girls.. Your girls look so pretty in their
    easter dresses.
    I remember snow on Easter in Michigan a couple times, what a shock after thinking it must be spring.

    Mary []

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