Snow Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, another April storm. It happens every year. Spring is a weather phenomenon around here. Today we are forecasted to get 6-12 inches and by Monday it will be 70 degrees. Anyway, it is beautiful and we really need the moisture so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Yesterday, Paige had a field trip to Bear Creek Nature Center. They weather was really nice and we enjoyed the puppet show and short hike. We even saw a fox run by the window while we were checking out the bee exhibit. Too cool. We LOVE to see the wildlife around here, that is one of the reasons we love Colorado so much.

It is always good to rehydrate

Have a great day. Stay in. Keep warm. Drink hot cocoa. Break a rule and get out the play dough INSIDE!

Please say a prayer for our family. My mom lost her sister and sister-in-law both this week. My parents have flown to Michigan for a couple days for the funerals. Please pray for safe travels and healing hearts for them.


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