Happy Kids

Remember this….. (warning: this image could scare young children and desperate mothers)

After today, our kids are happily doing this…..

Mason is even joining in! He loves his swing!

If you haven’t read my blog in the past, you might not know that our swing set blew over in a December hurricane force wind. We drove home from Michigan to find it half in the ravine and split into too many pieces to count. After much deliberation, we decided to prop it back up and fix it, and stake it down 🙂

Dear future homeowners….we hope you like the swing set because it is never leaving this backyard again. You might try setting it on fire to get rid of it….Sincerely, the totally frustrated parents of four small children.

Sorry, I digress.
Oh, and no, we are not moving.
The weather turned beautiful today after our 3 day snow storm and it was awesome! The kids played on the swing set, we went for a hike, Scott washed the dog…..
Off to Greeley tomorrow! Let’s hope Rescue Remedy and the bad of suckers help Mason relax during casting. If it doesn’t, I might have to take some. Rescue Remedy that is….or stronger.
Have a great week!

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