Hello all,

It would be easy to say that there hasn’t been much going on and that is why I haven’t been updating my blog but that would not be the truth. We have all been really busy and by the time my kids are in bed I am ready to collapse.
Sam is wrapping up karate and will be starting swim team practices next week.
Alice is getting ready for a ballet recital in a couple weeks and all that goes along with that…costumes, hair, pictures…..
Paige is also getting ready for her ballet recital…see above.
Mason received his sixth set of casts on Monday. Yes, six times that we have made the trek to Greeley. His feet are doing well, the right better than the left. Next Friday, he will have a tentotomy on both Achilles tendons and then will be put in casts for three weeks. Because his left foot is taking a bit longer to turn than the right, we may still have more casting after the tentotomy. It is just a wait and see.
School will be done for all the kids on May 22nd. Until then, life will be a whirlwind full of track days, teas, field trips, conferences, carnivals, recitals, swim practices…..Wow!
Here are some pictures that my dad took during Mason’s casting this past Monday. I have sort of figured out how to avoid a complete meltdown with a combination of Rescue Remedy and suckers. He still gets upset but not to the same magnitude.

Wednesday, after school we took advantage of the beautiful weather and hid all the Easter eggs that we had stuffed and never used. Our neighborhood Easter egg hunt had been postponed twice and we finally got the kids together to find eggs. Never to late to hunt for eggs πŸ™‚

Here is Paige putting on knee pads. I love her thinking! Easter egg hunts can get dangerous πŸ™‚
Those casts don’t slow down Mason. He has burned out the knees in two pairs of pants crawling on the tile and cement. If something is in his way, he goes over it!
Enjoy the day. I am enjoying the quiet of a sleeping toddler. For a second at least.


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