Parade and Such

On Tuesday night, we took the kids downtown to the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Parade. The weather was beautiful and quite honestly….who doesn’t love a rodeo parade?

Another first for Mason! I love this picture of him with the American flag. So cool!

All the kids donned their cowboy (girl) hats and boots! Really, what else would one wear to the rodeo? We saw lots of horses, and horses and more horses. We were hoping to make it to the actual rodeo this year but it didn’t happen, too much stuff stacking up. Maybe next year. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see rodeo pictures? We do live in Colorado after all! Oh well, this year, rodeo parade pictures will have to do.


On another note….

Mason had his (hopefully last) surgery today. Everything went fine and he is home sleeping. Here are some cute shots while waiting in recovery. The hospital staff gave him this cute hat and a toy car.

Okay, no pictures, yet. Blogger is not letting me move pictures around like I had hoped. Maybe tomorrow.

Now I am off to herd the cats and get some dinner started. Jelly sandwiches anyone?

Love, Jennifer

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