Crazy Summer Busy

Sam and Mason playing at the school playground. We took the kids down to play tonight after dinner.
Mason taking advantage of the Popsicles and graham crackers in recovery. I believe he had four Popsicles in all.

Alice can be found on the slide or diving board. She has officially turned into a fish this summer.

I can always depend on Paige to strike a pose or flash a smile when I bring out the camera.

Sam, Alice, Paige and their friend Clare enjoying cool treats at the pool.

Too too much, tutu! Alice and Paige wore their fancy twirly skirts to church on Sunday.

Mason is really working the pink sunglasses.

I guess life doesn’t slow down much when you have 4 small children, 7 and under. It seems that we continue to stay busy even during the dog days of summer. We have been at swim meets, had a slumber party, an ice-cream social, one toddler surgery and tons and tons of pool fun! Whew…making me tired just writing about it.
Last Wednesday, Sam had another swim meet and he rocked it! He swam a personal best in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. He will be swimming the backstroke in the city meet next week. Wednesday night, our friends Ellie and Brendan spent the night and stayed through most of the day Thursday. We decided to take the kids to the pool Wed. night as it was family night. The kids had a ball and fell into bed when we arrived home.
Thursday, I think…we stayed home. Yes, I believe we did.
Friday was Mason’s surgery. The anesthesiologist told me that Mason would be numb from the waist down for 6-8 hours so I thought…hmmmm…this might be a nice break….he will sit and watch a movie all afternoon. Yea right! We arrived home, I sat him down on the carpet, turned to hit play on the baby Einstein movie I had pre-loaded in the DVD player, turned back around to make sure he was okay and he was gone. He was speeding across the kitchen floor to where his sisters were sitting.
Saturday, we hosted the neighborhood ice-cream social in our yard. The kids had a blast running around with their friends and eating, and eating, and eating. When we came inside, Sam was definitely belly-aching.
Today we spent the entire day at the pool. It was hot, hot and the kids didn’t want to get out of the pool.
Have a wonderful night.

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