Guess what we are doing?

That’s right, hanging at the pool. Because we just don’t get enough time at the pool we decided to host a pool party for all our close friends and family. We actually scheduled it way back in May when the pool opened and we were all still very pale and recovering from a long cold winter. It was a blast! Our friends from Westminster came down early and we enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner with them and then we packed up coolers of soda and adult beverages and headed over to the pool for some partying. The weather was awesome and the kids stayed in the pool until 9:30, when the lifeguards so graciously kicked them out 🙂 Everyone, adults and kiddos, enjoyed swimming, eating, drinking and volleyball. Some of the daddies even enjoyed a belly-flopping diving competition.

Today we are getting laundry done and the house spiffed up for Scott’s parents arrival tomorrow. We are all really excited for them to visit. Well, you didn’t think we spent every minute at the pool, did you?

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