Scott’s parents are here visiting right now. They arrived yesterday and will be here for a couple weeks. We are enjoying their visit. The kids love it when Grandma and Papa visit because they get to play every board game on the shelf. Right now they are on game #4, Sequence. Grandma is such a saint that she continued on after Candy Land….that would have been it for me.

Tomorrow, we travel to Greeley for Mason’s appointment. He has been wearing his brace and shoes for about 5 weeks. I am looking forward to what the doctor has to say regarding his progress. We are continually amazed…..

Sam has his last swim meet in the morning. We have had such a blast this summer at the pool. Sam has come so far with his strokes and technique.

I am starting to get the end of summer blues. School starts on August 18th. Pretty soon we will have to purchase school supplies. Boo! Sam will be starting 2nd grade and Alice will be in 1st. Paige will be going to pre-k three days a week.

Sorry this post is all over the place. Kinda like my life 🙂

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