True Love

Today was just one of those days that could go on forever. We all slept in and through the night. That is a rare occurrence around here. With 4 kids, someone, it seems, is always up at our house. On the odd night when everyone sleeps through, we all wake up happier, especially momma. I started my day with a 6 mile run on the Santa Fe Trail. Sam had a birthday party and the rest of us enjoyed lunch out. After Mason woke up from his nap, we headed to the pool. We haven’t been in a while so it felt good to sit back, relax and hang out. We ended up staying at the pool until 6:45 pm. For some weird reason, the pool was nearly empty and it sort of seemed as if we had the place to ourselves. Now my sweet babies are sitting quietly on the couch watching a movie and eating popcorn. Here are some pics from our day. Just in case you didn’t expect them, more pool pics 🙂

Scott and Paige sitting on the edge of the pool while Alice swam. Mason and I sat on the blanket and watched. Samuel was enjoying a game of volleyball.

Daddy and Paige cuddling. So sweet.

Oh, in case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I love these kids. I have so much fun trying to capture their expressions and character. They are each their own little person and I love to watch them grow. Scott and I have been so blessed with these 4 beautiful children.
Have a great night.

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