Animal House

Yesterday we visited the zoo. Our zoo, as the kids so sweetly refer to it. We love our little mountain zoo and visit quite often. You can check it out here. We had a great time feeding the giraffes and watching the monkey demonstration, petting legless lizards and a baby wallaby. The kids rode the carousel and played on the newly constructed spider web. It is always a great way to spend the morning. They also got to see an ambulance (someone keeled over due to heat stroke) and a gorilla eating puke. I digress. The great thing about kids is that they see the good in all experiences 🙂

*As a side note, we also learned that on the giant animal scale, the four kids and I weigh the same as an adult female orangutan.

Sometimes we do feel like we live in an animal house of our own. This morning Scott took these photos of our friendly wildlife. Okay, so I am still waiting on the bear to make an appearance in our yard, but the giant bucks will have to do for now. Scott thinks this may be the biggest one we have seen.

Just hanging out by the playground. The deer are really glad that our fence is still down so that they can easily go through our yard. The beauty of it is, we cannot even see the downed fence from the house. Sorry to the neighbors. Just waiting for the HOA letter, should be here any day now.

Today we spent the morning at the park with another adoptive family. It was fun to meet them and we hope to see them again soon.
Ellie and Brendan will be spending the night tonight so everybody is currently resting, so they will be ready to go when their friends arrive.

Scott is beginning to taper training for his big race and finish up the logistics of a crew, pacers and aid throughout the race. He is going to do awesome! We are also thrilled with the huge support that he has received for the Xinxiang SWI. Those kids deserve so much and we are so excited to help in any small way we can!

Have a wonderful day!

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