Sleep. It is a beautiful thing.

Ahhh. Yes. Sleep. We have been getting lots of it around here. Everyone is falling into bed at night and sleeping. I know, I know, who woulda thunk it??!! My kids sleeping. Ahhh. Yes.

I guess the tour of theme parks, pools, beaches and fresh air are the culprits. We have kept ourselves busy in sunny California.

Yesterday: Disney. Today: Sea World. Tomorrow: more playing on the beach. Tonight: sleepy kids. I love it.

Here are some cute pics from the last two days, Disneyland and Sea World. Enjoy! I hope everyone in Colorado is staying warm what with all that snow and cold! Yeah, I am rubbing it in a bit, I guess.

We went to Disneyland on Monday morning and stayed until dinner time. It was a busy day. Sam got to see the Jedi Training Academy, Alice (along with Paige and Sam) got her face painted at the princess faire, Paige met three princesses and Tinkerbell and Mason got his picture with Mickey Mouse. Everyone had a great day!

Tuesday we spent the day at Sea World. We spent part of the morning with my brother and his fam and then the rest of the day with Grandma Peggy, Papa Gary, Aunt Betty and Uncle Jeff. We saw Shamu, sea lions, sharks, sea stars, fed sting rays and went on a couple water rides. Sea World was a nice park and much calmer than Disneyland. Much calmer 🙂
Off to the beach tomorrow! Have a great night. And to all our Colorado friends, turn on your heating blankets. Sounds like it might get chilly tonight! Yeah, I am rubbing it in again. Sorry.

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