Home from vacation. We had such a great time in California. We realized that we could definitely be beach people. Our kids had such a blast running in and out of the waves, digging holes in the sand and just being kids. Oh yeah…I didn’t miss the winter weather at all. Not even when I heard that Colorado was being blanketed in feet of snow and roadways were closed. Nope. Didn’t miss that at all. Too bad we couldn’t afford to be beach people 🙂 But we sure had fun pretending. We did miss our mountains and the anti-glam of Colorado. When you visit other places, like Orange County, you realize that we are really laid back here…and I like it.
Here are some pictures from the rest of our week. Wednesday, we spent the day at the pool and then had dinner with pirates. Thursday, we spent the entire day at Legoland and all the kids thought it was the best theme park ever. They were great ages for Legoland. The rides really suited their ages and heights:) You know we are height challenged, right? Sam finished the day at Legoland in the shops (he has been saving his allowance for a while now and had a pretty good stash) and arrived home with a backpack full of limited edition lego sets. He read the instructions all the way home on the plane and has been in his room all day today putting together the legos. Every once in a while he emerges and shows us a creation and then goes back in to create something else.

On Friday, we got up, ate breakfast, packed everything up and got ready to check out. Just as we were leaving our room, Scott checked the flight info and found that our flight was cancelled. What? It was sunny and 75 degrees outside. Cancelled?? We called the airlines and all flights to Denver were cancelled, something to do with snow. Anyhoo, we got a room close the airport, took the kids out for a fun dinner and spent the rest of the evening at a park near the hotel. We flew out early (very early) on Saturday morning. Here are the rest of my pics from our evening at the park. Today I am hanging out on the couch because it seems that a MAC truck ran me over (or I have a nasty throat infection). Scott is watching MSU basketball and folding laundry. Tomorrow, we go back to our regular crazy routine.

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